Tobacco-free Workplace Policy

Tobacco-free Workplace Policy

Why are we doing this?

The Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt this ordinance to make improvements to the overall health of employees, residents and visitors. Tobacco continues to be the single biggest public health threat facing Clatsop County and the single most preventable cause of death and chronic disease.  Behaviors change over time in response to these environmental changes thus reducing tobacco consumption and the adverse impact of second hand smoke. For example think of what has changed in the last 20 years in airplanes, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, public transportation, elevators, health care facilities, licensed child and adult care facilities, common areas of lobbies and hallways, public restrooms, shopping malls and sports arenas.  Tobacco consumption has dropped and everyone can enjoy cleaner air.


How does the phased approach work?

There are two phases to roll out this ordinance. The first phase includes the social service buildings at 800 and 820 Exchange, The Boyington, Public Works, and the parking lots associated with those properties.  Phase two will include the County Courthouse, and all of the properties under the sheriff’s jurisdiction.


Does this include smokeless tobacco?

Yes.  This includes all tobacco products.  The tobacco industry currently uses Oregon as a test market for new tobacco products.  Best practices for tobacco policy recommend a broad based policy that captures all products currently on the market including e-cigarettes, and future products that have not yet hit the market.


How will we gain compliance?

The County will strategically post signage around the properties. We will roll out an internal and external communications plan, and we will continue to promote cessation resources for those who are interested in quitting tobacco.


How will it be enforced? 

While this County Ordinance (Chapter 8.6) is law and punishable with a fine up to $300 per violation, the primary enforcement strategy relies on all of us, citizens and employees, to respectfully remind violators about the ordinance.  Evidence suggests this is an effective intervention for the vast majority of infractions.


What about individual’s rights?

Simply put, there is no constitutional right to smoke.*   No court has ever found smokers to be a protected class.  To the contrary, every court that has considered the issue has declared that no fundamental ‘right to smoke’ exists.


I’m ready to quit? Can I get help?

Absolutely! Clatsop County employees and their family members insured through CIS can utilize Quit For Life® Tobacco Cessation Program. This is one of the most robust programs available and includes:

Year-long support

Unlimited calls with expert coach

Free-over-the-counter Nicotine Replacement Aids

Prescription quit medications*

Visit; click on the Quit For Life® link or call 1-866-784-8454

Or call CIS Benefits at 800-1-800-922-2684 X3826 for questions about your prescription benefits.

Additional Resources:

Oregon Quit Line

Free friendly help by phone

1-800-quit now (1-800 784-8669)

Spanish (877)-2NO FUME (1-877-266-3863)


Columbia Memorial Hospital

Free counseling & referrals

2111 Exchange St., Astoria

(503) 325-4321, Ext. 6564

Contact: Alissa Dorman, Tobacco Cessation Coordinator




Clatsop County, mindful of its public leadership role and as a provider of health care and promoter of well-being of the community, is committed to providing a tobacco-free work environment to protect the health, welfare and comfort of County employees and visitors to buildings and grounds of County campuses.



A.  Use of tobacco products is prohibited on all County campuses owned or leased by Clatsop County and on any property defined as a County Campus.

1. Tobacco Product means cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other smoking products, dip, chew, snuff, snus and any other smokeless tobacco product, and nicotine delivery devises such as electronic cigarettes, excluding FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products for the purpose of tobacco cessation.

2. County Campus as defined in County Code Chapter 8.6 (Ordinance 2012-07) means all land, buildings and parking lots at the County Service Building, 800 and 820 Exchange Street, Astoria, Oregon; the Boyington Building, 857 Commercial St., Astoria, Oregon; and the Public Works Building and shop, 1100 and 1196 Olney Avenue, Astoria, Oregon

B. Use of tobacco products is prohibited on the county campus and within 50 feet of any county facility.

1. Tobacco Product means cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other smoking products, dip, chew, snuff, snus and any other smokeless tobacco product, and nicotine delivery devises such as electronic cigarettes, excluding FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products for the purpose of tobacco cessation.

2. County facility means any enclosed space that is operated, owned, leased or rented by Clatsop County, as in Section VI of this policy. It includes buildings, portions of buildings, equipment, machinery and motor vehicles, owned, rented or leased by the County.

C. Signage will be visible upon entering any county property stating that tobacco use is prohibited.

D. Employees who choose to use tobacco must do so on their regularly scheduled breaks or meal periods.



Employees are expected to exercise common courtesy and to respect the needs and sensitivities of coworkers and visitors with regard to our tobacco policy.

Tobacco users have an obligation to keep tobacco-use areas litter-free.

Every employee benefits from a tobacco-free workplace environment.  The success of this policy depends upon the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of tobacco users and non-tobacco users. The enforcement of this policy is a responsibility of all Clatsop County employees. 



Violations of this policy by employees will be handled in the same manner as other job performance issues.

Any County employee who observes an employee acting in violation of this policy shall notify his/her supervisor or department head, who in turn shall notify the violator’s supervisor or department head of the violation.

Upon notification or personal observation of a violation of this policy by a County employee, the supervisor or department head of the employee will address the issue with that employee following county policies.

Violations of this policy by persons who are not County employees shall be reported to a department head or the Human Resources Director.

The department head or the Human Resources Director is responsible for informing the violator of this policy.

County employees may approach and inform anyone who violates this policy.

Any other complaints regarding tobacco-use on County facilities should be directed to the appropriate Department Head or Supervisor.



The County shall provide tobacco cessation resource information to employees who request it.

Employees and visitors may contact the Health & Human Services Department for information regarding the effects of tobacco use; self-help materials and resources for cessation.  Where possible, these materials may be available in display areas.

Employees may contact Human Resources regarding the availability of tobacco- related cessation support programs.


*Definition of Facility Locations:

Public Works administration offices and Astoria shop, 1100 Olney Avenue, Astoria.

County Public Services Buildings 800 and 820, located at 800 and 820 Exchange Streets, Astoria.

Community Corrections, 988 Commercial Street, Astoria.

County Courthouse, 749 Commercial Street, Astoria.

Sheriff’s Office,  355 Seventh Street, Astoria.

County Jail, 636 Duane Street, Astoria.

Marine Patrol boat slip

Columbia River sheriff’s substation and Public Works Svensen Shop, 92435 Svensen Market Road.

Nehalem Valley sheriff’s substation and Public Works Jewell Shop, 79532 Oregon Highway 202, Jewell.