Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Clatsop County Planning Commission is the county's committee for citizen involvement under Oregon Statewide Planning Goals. The planning commission makes recommendations to the board of county commissioners on the county's comprehensive plan and its implementing ordinances. The planning commission also makes land-use decisions on variances, conditional uses and subdivisions.

Membership on the planning commission is governed by these bylaws.

Appointment and removal of planning commission members by the board of county commissioners is spelled out in Ordinance 01-10.

Our Current Planning Commissioners are as follows:

Name/Area Represented/Term Expiration Date

Bruce Francis, Chairperson, Area 2, June 30, 2015

Robert Stricklin, Vice-Chairperson, Area 2, June 30, 2015

Kay Foetisch-Robb, City of Seaside, June 30, 2016

Michael Tiedeman, Area 1, June 30, 2016

Frank Buzzetti, Area 3, June 30, 2018

Jan Mitchell, City of Astoria, June 30, 2018

Lianne Thompson, Area 6, June 30, 2018

Planning Commission meeting schedule and agendas