Recording Fees

Recording Fees

Fees are based on a one-sided, one-page document.

An increase in Housing Alliance Tax effective January 1, 2014 from $15 to $20 has increased certain fees.

 Each additional page of a document  $5
 Each additional transaction in a document  $5
 Appointment of Trustee  $47
 Death Certificate for Title Change **  $47
 Deed  $47
 Easement  $47
 Judgment  $16
 Lien  $37
 Lien Satisfaction  $37
 Military Discharge (DD-214 Forms)  None
 Mortgage/Deed of Trust/Line of Credit Instrument  $47
 Mortgage Satisfaction  $47
 Non-Standard Form fee, per document  $20
 Partial Reconveyance  $47
 Partition Plat Map  $47
 Power of Attorney  $47
 Reconveyance  $47
 Satisfaction of Judgment  $16
 Substitution of Trustee  $47
 Situs Address/Tax Assessor's Account Number Fee (required on all deeds)  $20
 Town Plat Map  $47
 UCC Filings on Oregon 1A Form (mortgages)  $47
 Research fee per document (pre-paid)  $3.75
 Photocopy fee per page  25 cents
 Certified copy (for one-page document)  $7.75

If document to be certified is more than one page, add 25 cents per additional page.

 Mailing fee  $3
 Fax Charges (in addition to other fees)  $2 per document
** Please see "Recording Death Certificates"