Election Data Research

Election Data Research

Computer extracted orders are available from our database. Orders are available by district, precinct, party affiliation, age, zip code, voter history, walking lists, military and long term absentee voters. Labels are available for direct mailings. Paper copies of any order are available for 25 cents each page. Precinct maps are available for $4.00. Charges must be paid in full prior to completing any order. Call our office at (503) 325-8511 for cost of report.

Statewide or less than Statewide Voter List
(Administrative Rule ORS 165.002.0020)
Any person may obtain an electronic copy of a statewide or less than statewide voter list from the Office of Secretary of State, Elections Division, or any County Elections official. The following fees for providing a list electronically will apply:

  • $25 fee for staff and processing time, and media used (e-mail, floppy disk or CD-R)
  • 2½ cents per 100 voters (Up to a maximum of $500, excluding a $100 one-time fee for special formatting requests.)
  • $3 mailing fee (if applicable)
  • Labels, $13.00 each page (if applicable)
  • $2 fax fee (if applicable) 
  • $100 one-time fee for special formatting (saved as an Excel file, for example)
  • 25 cents copy fee (if applicable)

All requests for a statewide or less than statewide voter list will be accompanied by a completed form SEL 510, Customer Request Form for Statewide or Less Than Statewide Voter List.

Orders are saved in  tab, comma, space or semi-colin delimited formatted text files and are generally e-mailed to you.  Instructions on converting to excel is available for your use.

The voter list must not be used for commercial purposes. Under ORS 247.955 a person shall not be considered to use voter list for commercial purposes if the person obtains the list of electors for the purpose of resale to candidates or political committees for political purposes only.