Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

Clatsop County has a vegetation management program to control vegetation within the County Road right-of-ways. We perform regular maintenance of roads, shoulders and ditches to control vegetation that impedes visibility and drainage, and damages road surfaces and shoulders. Our program includes mechanical and manual vegetation removal and herbicide application.

“No Spray” Program
Property owners who do not want herbicide used on their County Road frontage may sign an agreement with the County to maintain the vegetation fronting their property. To sign up for the program, call or visit the Clatsop County Public Works Department, 1100 Olney Ave., Astoria, OR 97103, 503-325-8631, to sign up for the no spray program.

Noxious Weed Eradication
Clatsop County works to eradicate noxious weeds on County road right-of-ways. You can help control noxious weeds on your property by learning to identify them and take steps to eliminate them:

  • Avoid spreading seeds by cleaning equipment between uses.
  • Pull new plants, taking as much of the rootstock as possible.
  • Mow or cut to prevent seed set; repeated mowing may weaken plants.

More information about noxious weeds, including color photos and descriptions of some common noxious weeds, is available on the Clatsop Soil and Water Conservation District web site at

R.E.A.L. Program
The Restoration Enhancement and Learning (R.E.A.L.) program involves disabled adults in collecting and distributing native plants that will be used for habitat restoration.

The Public Works Department participates in this program by allowing native plants to grow in specified areas in the road right-of-way until the plants can be collected by REAL volunteers to be replanted in riparian or watershed areas. Additionally, the native plants collected will be available to any group or organization involved in restoration work. In these collection areas, you will see this sign:

native plant site sign