Maternal & Child Health Programs

Maternal & Child Health Programs

Clatsop County Health & Human Services Maternal Child Health Services offer help to pregnant women, young children and families. We can help you find answers to questions about your pregnancy, education and support to expectant parents and parents of children in the areas of nutrition, safety, growth and development, parenting, child abuse prevention, disease prevention and health promotion. The focus of the program is the delivery of services in the home setting by public health nurses and paraprofessionals. There is no charge to you for these services, however, Oregon Health Plan may be billed for some services.

Our staff can:

  • Answer questions about keeping you and your child healthy and when to see the doctor
  • Show you ways to help your child grow and learn
  • Help you learn what your child is telling you before he/she can talk
  • Help you make your home and car safer for your child
  • Work with you to solve problems that affect your family's health
  • Guide you through the process of getting health care and/or applying for the Oregon Health Plan.


Maternity Case Management:

Along with the services listed above, the nurse will:

  • Plan with you for a healthy pregnancy
  • Discuss your diet during your pregnancy
  • Share information you need about being pregnant, your growing baby and labor/delivery
  • Plan with you for the first few months after the birth of your child


Babies First!

Along with the services listed above, the nurse can follow your child's growth from birth up to age 3 if possible. The nurse will:

  • Can check your baby's developmental milestones as they grow for the first three years
  • Suggest ways you can help your child grow and learn
  • Make sure your baby can hear and see and that teeth are coming in well
  • If any problems occur, the nurse will put you in touch with others who can help


Healthy Start:

Healthy Start is a countywide voluntary parenting education and support program for first-time parents from prenatal services and up to age 5, if possible. The paraprofessional will:

  • Offer ways to promote healthy childhood growth and development and strengthen families
  • Support families through infant and toddler stages
  • Understanding and coping with the changes that come with being a new parent
  • Share ideas that promote positive parent/child relationships
  • Offer suggestions for fun and educational parent/child activities



There is a program for families with children who have special health care needs. Along with the services listed above, the nurse will:

  • Answer questions about your child's health needs and special care
  • Help you find special services your child may need
  • Help you talk with specialists and clinics where your child receives care
  • Show you ways to make your child's health and growth the best they can be
  • Help you prevent problems that may be common for children with your child's special health needs

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