Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Volunteers are valued members of Clatsop County. The Clatsop County Juvenile Department sponsors many programs, which help to make a difference in the life of a young person. Programs include: the CADY (Caring Adults Developing Youth) Mentoring Program, Educational Surrogates, Detention Volunteers and Juvenile Counselor Interns.

CADY Mentoring Program

Juvenile Department in partnership with Management & Training Corporation is establishing a mentoring program for the youth of Clatsop County. The Caring Adults Developing Youth Program matches adult mentors with children age 10 through 17. The adult volunteers are screened, interviewed and trained before being matched with a youth with similar interests.

The adult mentor shares his/her life experiences, support goals, and encourage the child to reach his or her dreams and full potential. The mentor and youth meet once a week to establish a relationship that focuses on developing the youth’s character, capabilities and potential through enjoyable activities.

Read more information about the CADY Mentoring Program or contact Laura Parker, CADY Mentoring coordinator, at (503) 325-8601.

Educational Surrogates

Many children in the juvenile court system have special educational needs and need an educational surrogate who has experience or a background in the field of education. Although these children have caseworkers, juvenile probation officers and/or foster parents, these individuals usually do not have the background to know what school resources are available to help these kids be successful in school while also being involved with the juvenile court.

By Oregon law, the surrogate assumes the parent/guardian role in resolving the child's educational needs. Duties can include attending IEP meetings, checking to see that the educational plan is being implemented and participating with the school administrators to determine the level of discipline, if a problem arises, for special needs kids.

The amount of involvement is up to each surrogate. Covering IEP meetings and staying in touch to to see that the school is complying with the child's needs are the main needs. Surrogates may visit each child at school, meet with their teachers or attend court. The main function is to ensure the child's education needs are met. The time commitment can be as little as 10 hours per school year, or more if you desire.

Prospective surrogates volunteer their time, undergo a background check and are encouraged to attend a two-hour training session. If you are interested in becoming an educational surrogate or would like more information, please contact Judy Taylor at (503) 325-8555.

Juvenile Counselor Intern

The Juvenile Department offers an internship to a select number of college students that should enhance their knowledge of the Juvenile Justice System and give them skills to help gain future employment. Interested students will be expected to complete an application and Juvenile Department Staff will conduct an interview.


If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities please contact the Clatsop County Juvenile Department at (503) 325-8601.