This cute puppy wears a Clatsop County dog license.

You can teach your child your name and address or tuck a note with the information in the child's pocket. But your pet can't tell a police officer your address or pull out an ID card.

The only place your pet can carry the information that will get it safely home is around its neck. A collar with your name and address and an up-to-date license from your local animal control department can help get your pet home safely. Safeguard your pet with a collar, tag and license.

All Clatsop County residents are required by law to license their dogs annually. A license is required even when the dog is always indoors or on a farm. Residents of Seaside and Gearhart are required to license their dogs through their local police departments. Dogs are required to wear their license tag at all times when not on the premises of their owner. (There is no licensing required for cats or other types of domestic animals, although the shelter offers pet licenses for these animals.)

Why license your pet?

The dog license program exists for several important reasons. A license:

  • Tells everyone that your dog is not a homeless stray.
  • Guarantees a warm shelter, a full stomach and tender loving care until we can reach you by phone or letter if your “best friend” is lost and placed in our shelter.
  • Promises, if needed, we’ll get your canine companion emergency medical treatment.
  • Enables Animal Control to protect neighborhoods, just like yours, from dangerous dogs and enables us to investigate dog bites.
  • Helps keep the human and dog population from being infected by the rabies virus.
  • Enhances the quick return of lost dogs to their owners or keepers.
  • It's the law. (Applicable Oregon law on rabies inoculations and licensing requirements for dogs.)

Now it’s easy!

For your convenience, Clatsop County has switched to a year-round licensing program. You can buy either a license that is good for one year from the date of issue or a license that is good for three years.

Renewing your dog’s license is easy. We issue long-lasting aluminum tags as your dog’s permanent tag. Just send in your payment to renew the license in our records. No need to remove and put a new tag on your dog’s collar each year.

One-year licenses expire one year from the month of purchase. Three-year licenses expire three years from the month of purchase. You have until the last day of that month for renewal without a late penalty.

Licenses Cost

  • Neutered dog: $15 one year   $40 three years
  • Fertile dog: $30 one year    $90 three years
  • Senior citizen: $10 one year   $25 three years
    65 or older (Dog must be neutered)
    No discounts for multiple or fertile dogs
  • Late license:
    No enforcement action: $15
    With enforcement action: $30
  • Cat license (not required): $5
    Fertile or neutered. Proof of rabies
    vaccination required.

When do I need to obtain a license?

All dogs must be licensed at:

  • 6 months of age, or
  • When they have permanent canine teeth, or
  • Within 30 days of acquisition, or
  • Within 60 days after new residents move into Clatsop County.

A license is required even when the dog is always indoors or on a farm.

What documents will I need?

  • A current rabies inoculation certificate.
  • For altered dogs, the spay or neuter certificate or a written statement from your veterinarian.

Where can I get a license?

Licenses can be purchased or renewed in person or through the mail at the Animal Shelter by using this form.

Licenses are also available in person at these vendors:

  • Bayshore Animal Hospital
  • Safe Harbor Animal Hospital
  • Seaside Pet Clinic
  • Granny Patti
  • Cannon Beach City Hall
  • Clatsop County Health Department
  • Clatsop County Assessment and Taxation Department
  • Clatsop County Clerk's Office

If you have questions about licensing that aren't answered here, please call (503) 861-7387.