Clatsop County uses Performance Based Budgeting to show not only what services taxpayers are getting for their money but also how effectively and efficiently those services are provided. Performance based budgeting uses goals and projects to determine how the money is spent and then uses workload and effectiveness measures to evaluate the results.

The adopted 2013-14 Fiscal Year Budget is provided in PDF format. The budget is divided into sections for easier downloading. 

1. Organizational Information

2. Table of Contents

3. Budget Message

4. Financial Summary

5. Reader's Guide

6. Public Safety & Justice

7. Health & Human Services

8. General Government Direct Services

9. Land Use, Housing & Transportation

10. Culture & Recreation

11. Economic Development

12. General Government Overhead

13. Dues and Special Assessments

14. Non-Operating

15. Capital Projects

16. Education

17. County Service Districts

18. Statistical & Supporting Data

19. Inactive Budgets

Printed copies can be purchased from the Budget and Finance Office, 800 Exchange St., Suite 310, Astoria, or by calling (503) 325-8565.