Clatsop County Jail

Clatsop County Jail

Lt. Shelley Morgan, Jail Commander
636 Duane St.
Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 325-8641


"To protect the community, to carry out judgments imposed by the courts, to provide a safe and humane environment for those committed to our custody and to strive to increase the number of inmates who return to the community as law abiding citizens."

The Clatsop County Jail is an adult facility housing up to 60 inmates per the cap established by the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners. During the year, approximately 3,500 individuals are booked and released from the county jail. The jail rents approximately 10 beds from the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office to help with overcrowding.

It is the legal obligation of the Clatsop County Sheriff to provide a safe, sanitary and secure place of detention for all persons committed to his jurisdiction for detention or correction. The Sheriff must protect the community by securely holding persons who are determined by the courts to pose a threat to public safety. Further, the Sheriff must protect the inmates of the jail and the staff who work there.

One of the additional functions of the jail is serving as the depository for all county warrants. The jail's 24/7 operation allows for ready access to the warrant information. The jail runs a successful work crew program, which allows for inmates to be used to assist public entities with cost-saving work projects. Some of those projects include restoration of views at Fort Stevens State Park and preparing campsites for our county visitors.

The jail also performs service to community members requiring fingerprints for employment purposes. This service is provided seven days a week in the morning hours. Jail staff are responsible for answering the National Warning System (NAWAS) radio for all weather events and tsunami warnings. The facility will serve the needs of all user agencies and individuals, including inmates, staff, law enforcement, judicial authorities, attorneys, community service providers, clergy and visitors.


SERGEANTS: David Clarke, Ignacio Talancon.

SENIOR DEPUTIES: Erik Anderson, Kim Barrows, Dave Hillard, Steve Johnson, Teresa Korhonen, Jerry Nunnally, Aaron Parks, Doug Stevens, Corey Turigliatto, David Wray.

DEPUTIES: Jasper Devereaux, Eric Dotson, Siscilee Gouge, Cory Ortega, Alycia Pitts, Lynnette Shaw, Thomas Teague, Daniel Thompson.

CONTROL ROOM TECHNICIANS:  Jeff MacLean, Carol Tikkala.

SUPPORT STAFF: Karla Kelland.

 Jim Wood - RN, Mary Weaver - LPN, Dr. Duncan M.D., Dr. Little M.D.


  • Reach us by phone at: (503) 325-8641
  • Fax us at: (503) 325-8590
  • Mail your inquiries to:

         Clatsop County Corrections
         636 Duane St.
         Astoria, OR 97103

The jail is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mission statement: The mission of the Clatsop County Jail is to protect the community by securely holding persons who are determined by the courts to pose a threat to public safety. It is the ethical and legal obligation of the Clatsop County Sheriff through his Jail Commander and his deputy sheriffs to provide a safe, sanitary and secure place of incarceration.

We recognize, in the case of sentenced inmates, that they are being held accountable for their crimes through confinement. However, we strive to give all inmates the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves. It is our goal to return inmates to society in better condition physically and emotionally than when they were committed to our custody. However, the decision of rehabilitation is a personal decision that can only be made by each individual inmate.