Pursuant to ORS 215.416(1), the following fees represent the average cost of processing each permit application. If the actual cost of processing a permit processed as a Type IIa, Type III, or Type IV procedure or an appeal of a Type IIa or Type III decision exceeds the amount of the fee by more than 20% because of the detailed nature of the proposal or the number of hearings that are required, the applicant shall be responsible for paying the full amount of the actual cost.

Application Type



Director to Planning Commission - Type I, refunded if appellant prevails


Director to Planning Commission- Type II, refunded if appellant prevails


Hearings Officer Decision to Board of Commissioners - Type IIa


Planning Commission Decision to Board of Commissioners - Type III


 Permits and Reviews

Agency Sign-Off (Compatibility)
   For those that don’t require development of

   For statements requiring development of



Beach Front Protection
   1 - 5 lots 
   6+ lots


Beaches & Dunes Stabilization Plan
   Where development of findings and/or public
   notice and/or property owner notice necessary


Commercial Site Plan Review
   Required in and as a part of Conditional Use
   Permit, Review Use and in special purpose 
   overlay districts; all others.


Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment 
   Minor: "Down" zoning or exchange of zoning on

   Major: "Up" zoning



Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment


Conditional Use (CUP)
   Major: Estuarine and coastal shoreland uses,
   kennels, golf courses, auto wrecking yards,
   mining, solid waste landfill

   Not major: Home occupations, cell towers,



Design Review




Development Permit
   New or Expanded

   Modification of Interior (no public notice





   All others



Actual Cost @ Per Hour Rate

Floodplain and Other Review (no public notice required; final elevation survey required AFTER permit issued)


Geologic Hazards
   Preliminary (public & property owner notice

   Detailed (public & property owner notice



Goal 5 Economic, Environmental, Social and Energy Consequences Review


Goal Exception
   Requires public notice and perhaps notice to
   property owners


Lot of Record


Other Hearings, Non-Conforming Use, Etc.


Overlay Districts Review except for Design Review, Beaches and Dunes where notice is required, Geologic Hazard, Flood Hazard. In addition to Development Permit charge, charge is for each district review except for those requiring public notice and property owner notice.

$32 each

  Major (includes creation of road, forest land,
   non-farm dwelling; Non-farm use) 




Pre-App conference for large projects: Mobile Home Park, Subdivision, Planned Development, RV Park, Destination Resort, Large Comprehensive Plan Text and/or Map Change, Ord #80-14 text and/or map amendment. Includes Planning & Development letter response to preliminary proposal


Property Line Adjustment


Resource Zones (F-80, AF, and EFU)
Non-Farm Dwelling; Farm Dwelling Option 1;Farm Dwelling Option 2; Farm Dwelling Option 3; High Value Option; Forest Dwelling Option 1 Lot of Record; Forest Dwelling Option 2; Forest Dwelling Option 3; and Forest Template Test. Public notice and property owner notice required; much research of assessor’s records and maps required.


Review Use (RU)

   Not Major



Sign Permit


Similar Use Authorization


Site Visit


Special Meetings of Planning Commission


Subdivision or Planned Development or Destination Resort (Also see, Pre-App Conf)

Planned Development & Destination Resort also require zone change fee

Type II $1,296

Type III $1,609

Temporary Use







Double Application Fee

Wetland and/or Riparian Development
   Involves setback contact with ODF&W and
   probable site visit


All Other

Actual Cost @ per hour rate

Rural Addressing

New or changed address issued or changed at request of property owner


New road name


Changed road name (changed at request of private road owner)


Replacement address stakes



Copy of Ordinance and Standards Document (paper)

Copy of Ordinance (disk)

Copy of Standards Document (disk)

Copy of Goals and Policies (paper or disk)