Help Topics

Help Topics

How do I appeal the value of my property?
If you disagree with the value shown on your tax statement you must appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals by Dec. 31 of the current year. Your appeal rights are listed on the back of your tax statement. You may obtain Tax Appeal forms from the Clerk's office or the Oregon Department of Revenue.

How do I apply for a property tax exemption?
You are eligible if you are a veteran with a disability of 40% or more or are the surviving spouse of a veteran. You may qualify for a tax exemption if you are an active duty member of the armed forces. Read about the Senior Deferral and Veterans Exemption programs.

Information regarding other types of property tax exemptions is available from the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Where can I find a list of data products, services and fees?
Please write, fax or e-mail your request. Our staff is ready to provide the information you need. Please read Data Requests & Fees or the Fee Schedule.

Can I look up information online on ownerships, taxes, values and property inventory?
allows the public to find assessor maps, tax parcels and related tax statements and appraisal information from any computer with internet access. The new WebMaps allows you to access the assessor maps and print them at no cost.

Who notifies the Tax Office when I move or change my address?
You must. Our office makes every effort to send the tax statement to you, however, you are responsible to pay the tax whether or not you receive the statement. Use this form to notify us of an address change online.

What is Measure 50?
Statewide Ballot Measure 50 was approved by Oregon voters and passed by the 1997 Oregon Legislataure as Senate Bill 1215. This measure changed the way Oregon assesses property values and taxes. You can read more about Measure 50.

When is my tax payment due?
The front and back of the tax statement show the dates when payments are due. Nov. 15, Feb. 15 and May 15 are the regularly scheduled dates to pay your tax bill in thirds without discount or interest. You can read more about Your Property Tax Statement or Understanding Your Property Tax System.