Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement

Clatsop County District Attorney Child Support Enforcement Unit provides services to parents to establish paternity, establish child support, modify an existing child support order and enforce support orders. These services are available to both parents.

You may be the best source of information about your case. Please provide Child Support with as much information as you have including:

    • Full name of the other parent, including his/her middle name
    • The other parent's present address or last known address
    • Social security number of other parent
    • The other parent's date of birth and place of birth
    • The obligated parent's present or last known place of employment
    • The obligated parent's driver license, occupational and/or professional license number(s)
    • Information regarding the obligated parent's assets, including bank accounts, vehicles, homes or land
    • County and state of any divorce or support order involving you and the other parent and provide one copy of the order
    • Birth certificate and social security number for the child(ren).

Child Support Enforcement cannot give you legal advice. You should contact your family law attorney.

Child Support Enforcement cannot assist you with custody or parenting time. You should contact your family law attorney.

Child Support Enforcement is not allowed to collect medical bills or enforce any parts of your divorce or order other than the support obligation.